Alegre Multi-Purpose Hall

Alegre means “malipayon”. The barangay is approximately 2 kilometers from the town proper.

The people of the Barangay celebrate the Annual Civic and Religious Fiesta every 13th day of the month of May, in honor of the patron saint, Nuestra Señora de Fatima.

Long ago people of Alegre largely depend on “tuba” (alcoholic drink fermented from coconut sap) business as the main livelihood. Today, they are engaged in selling/manufacturing dried fish, fishing, cockfight breeding, bakery and “meke” production.

The barangay has also improved and developed its beaches and resorts, which are often visited during weekends. KTV bars and other refreshments can also be found in the barangay.

Barangay Profile Total No.
Population 1891
Total No. of Households 399
Total No. of Families 1333
Non-owner Households 40
Informal Dwellers 63
HHs Living in Makeshift Houses 10
HHs with no Access in Level III Water Supply 0
HHs with no Access to Sanitary Toilet 31
HHs with no Access to Electricity 81
Number of Unemployed Persons 255
Number of Underemployed Persons 213
No. of Residents who Completed Tertiary Education 143
No. of Residents who Completed Technical Vocational Education 119
Literacy Rate 100
Total No. of OFWs 40
No. of Young Dependents (0-14 yrs.old) 377
No. of Old Dependents (65 & above) 104
No. of Economically Productive Persons ( 15-64 yrs.old) 611
No. of Dependent Persons (15-64 yrs.old) 148
Total No. of In-migrants 8
Total No. of Out-migrants 18
Contraceptive Prevalence Rate 69
Total No. of Births 37
Total No. of Illegitimate Births 9
Total No. of Teen-age Births 60
Total No. of Death 5
Total No. Infant Deaths 2

Elected Barangay Officials


Punong Barangay


Sangguniang Barangay Members


Pedro Panique

Eddie Sotomil

Adelfa Briones

Teresita Silla

Sasol Remedios Gabayaran

Merla Delgado

Roger Guntan


SK Chairperson

Amelito Raul Guelos, Jr.


Brgy. Secretary

Brenda Esmaña


Brgy. Treasurer

Magelende Jeogarty



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