Nang Palang’s Buko Pie

Nang Palang's Buko Pie

This is Oton’s well-known delicacy and favorite pasalubong. Since the business started in 1972, it has grown to become a favorite pasalubong destination for buses plying the Antique-Iloilo route.  Nang Palang’s has in fact become synonymous with Oton. While its bestseller is buko pie, Nang Palang’s also sells pineapple pie, cassava cake, bibingka and chicken [...]

Nes and Tats Resort and Restaurant

Nes & Tats Beach Resort & Restaurant

Do you plan to have a family outing? Or simply a place to relax, cool your head down and breath some fresh air? The perfect place is Nes n Tats in Barangay Botong, Oton, approximately 25 kilometers southwest of Iloilo City. It is a beach resort with all the amenities for all the fun’s needs. [...]

Anhawan Beach Resort

Anhawan Beach Resort

  The promise of a perfect beach holiday lures travelers to Anhawan Beach Resort & Spa in Iloilo. During their stay, they discover pleasures that make them yearn for more and wish to linger longer. Our luxurious suite accommodations, which enjoy a view of the shore, invite them to relax in bliss. Once they’re comfortably [...]

Batiano River Summit

Senator Franklin Drilon discuss and spin-off of the development issues.

ISSUES and problems at the Batiano River will be discussed on Saturday, October 8, as Oton Mayor Vincent Flores will host the first Batiano River Summit to be held at Tatoys Manokan Resort in Arevalo district, Iloilo. Senator Franklin Drilon and Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog grace the summit to discuss and spin-off of [...]

Katagman Festival

Katagman Festival has an interesting cultural theme. Experience the excitement, magic and art behind the golden mask. The festival is aimed at recognizing the historical significance of this mask to the community which has been fading in the past years. In its cultural presentation, the golden mask is an important emblem. It is also important [...]

Forcefully Empty the Recycle Bin for All Users in Windows


I’ve run into the situation before where I’ve needed to empty the Recycle Bin for all users on a multi-user computer. After doing a lot of searching I realized that the only real way to empty the Recycle Bin for all users on a computer (without logging in as each user) is to completely remove [...]

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Steve Jobs, 1955-2011.

Apple’s visionary co-founder Steve Jobs died from cancer at 56, a premature end for a man who revolutionized modern culture with ubiquitous inventions like the iPod and the iPad. “We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today,” the California-based gadgetmaker said in a statement from its board of directors. “Steve’s brilliance, [...]

Committee Hearing with the owners of the Heritage Houses


Oton is not Jaro when it comes to the beauty of majestic old Spanish houses gracefully speckled around its town. It is a sad reality that our old church was destroyed by an earthquake, the old Batiano Bridge replaced, and not much signs of old landmarks but then, we should be thankful of the current [...]



Oton is not like other towns that are ALWAYS flooded. This situation may not be applicable as we speak, we MUST do something! Mayor Vicente B. Flores Jr. presented this problem during the Mayor’s meeting of Metro Iloilo-Guimaras Economic Development Council (MIGEDC) chaired by Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, who is also the Chairman of the [...]

The Old Oton Church


The building of the church was began by Rev. Fr. Demetrio Cobos in 1845-1853, continued and finished by Rev. Fr. Joaquin Fernandez in 1883-1889, and decorated by Rev. Fr. Nicolas Gallo in 1889-1890. Saved from the ravages of World War II, an intense earthquake on 5 January 1948 sent the whole structure plummeting to the [...]