Barangay Trapiche

Brgy. Trapiche Barangay Hall

Brgy. Trapiche Barangay Hall

Thirteen (13) kilometers from the City of Iloilo and two (2) kilometers away from the Poblacion of Oton, Barangay Trapiche is the home of civic-minded, industrious and future-oriented people. Major source of income of the populace is fishing and farming. The existence of many OFW and seamen attributes to the alleviation of the livelihood of the people. The barangay consists of three (3) sitios namely Sitio Baras, Sitio Villarica and Sitio Tuburan; and the four (4) Zones (Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3 and Zone 4) covering the barangay proper. Patronal Annual Fiesta is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of January with Senor Santo Nino as our Patron Saint; while the Barangay Annual Fiesta is celebrated every last Sunday of February.
Barangay Trapiche being the largest among the thirty seven (37) barangays in the Municipality of Oton, is situated along the coastal line south of Iloilo



Province. In the western side of the barangay, we will find the Senator Francisco C. Zulueta Memorial School. The SK Hall, Barangay Health Center and the Barangay Chapel “Ermita” are located in the central part along the national highway. On the eastern side is where we can find the Barangay Hall, the Stage, the Basketball Court and the Tanod Outpost. There also exists a Day Care Center at Sitio Villarica and Sitio Baras. We can also find the existence of the Metro Iloilo Water District (MIWD) water pipeline alongside the national highway. Streetlights are provided and maintained not only on the main road but also on several footwalks.

As to the ecological waste management, the residents were advised to segregate for proper disposal of their waste products from biodegradable to non-biodegradable. The Barangay Officials collects properly segregated garbage along the national road every Thursday morning for proper disposal at the Municipal Materials Recovery Facility Center; we have implemented this “no segregation, no collection policy”.

On health support, medical representatives from the Municipal Health Center together with the Barangay Health Workers / Barangay Nutrition Scholars / Barangay Service Point Officers conduct free medical services at the Barangay Health Center every Tuesday and Friday. In addition to the aforementioned, St. Paul’s Hospital Iloilo – (MAC) Madre Antoine Center tied up with the barangay

Sitio Baras Day Care Center

Sitio Baras Day Care Center

in community health development, giving free medical services, catering to the needs of OB-Gyne, Pedia and Family Medicine every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at the Barangay Hall.
Our vision and mission is to make the community more progressive, to uplift the economic status and livelihood by working on beneficial projects. The Barangay Officials are responsible for the realization of this vision and mission through the able support and cooperation of the populace.

North: Brgy. Calam-isan
South: Iloilo Strait
East : Brgy. Poblacion South
West : Brgy. Botong

TOTAL LAND AREA : 331 hectares
TOTAL # of HOUSEHOLD : 1,005
TOTAL POPULATION : 5,345 (50.8% Female; 49.2% Male)

Punong Barangay Rodolfo Enano Mondia
Kgwd. Norberto Alison Malaga
Kgwd. Maria Vivien Lee Sarabia Dela Cruz
Kgwd. Modesto Cañon Castañeda
Kgwd. Darey Bilbao Supeña
Kgwd. Jose Ismafe Malaga Tajo
Kgwd. Maria Genoveva Flores Guevara
Kgwd. Alonzo Malaga Del Rio
SK Chairperson Charlotte Hollera Legarde
Brgy. Treas. Arnette C. Labrador
Brgy. Sec. Ma. Teresa Del Rio Agreda

Amylou B. Monserate
Charlene M. Minerva
Sacheen S. Pampliega
Kimshelly S. Capuso
Skymark S. Guevara
Ledi Edeverlyn C. Sales
Rhona Mae M. Camalon

Felipe Calumpita – Barangay Agrarian Reform Chairman
Jocelyn V. Malaga – Barangay Human Rights Action Officer
Jenelyn Sealsa – Day Care Worker (Sitio Villarica)
Lerma S. Herrera -Day Care Worker (Sitio Baras)
Catherine D. Arraya – Day Care Teacher – Sitio Baras DayCare
St. Paul University SLEP / ERDA
Vicenta Canonicato – Day Care Worker (Sitio Tuburan)
Maricel P. Primavera – Day Care Teacher – Sitio Tuburan DayCare
St. Paul University SLEP / ERDA

Leo C. Ronquillo – Tanod Commander
Nicolas T. Tumapang – Asst. ”
Neil D. Primavera – Tanod Driver
Danny Pomperada – Tanod Electrician
Armando G. Aranda – Tanod Members
Aracely P. Bernacer
Rodolfo P. Cantera
Roque E. Canonicato
Roberto V. Egaran
Wenefredo T. Egaran
Ariel Felismino, Sr.
Joel E. Malaga
Celso O. Muestas
Rodolfo L. Padilla
Dennis S. Pampliega
Leo Tondo

Salvacion Quidato Alob
Carmela L. Cocjin
Conrado M. Fernandez
Gloria M. Lavaro
Hernan L. Masculino
Reynaldo V. Octavio
Rosemarie C. Octavio
Antonio A. Ollera
Nenita S. Palaño
Leo Satana
Romeo Tolentino

Emelia Arcelon
Magdalena P. Davila
Greta S. Egaran
Nida Gutierrez
Ma. Fe D. Mondia
Elsie G. Olivares
Sharon Pampliega
Jolyn H. Ronquillo
Vicenta Canonicato – BHW Volunteer
Maria Genoveva F. Guevara – BHW Volunteer

Kgd. Norberto A. Malaga – Zone Leader – Sitio Villarica
Com. on Women & Family
Com. on Human Rights

Kgd. Maria Vivien Lee S. Dela Cruz – Zone Leader – Zone 1
Com. on Education
Com. on Culture, History & Arts

Kgd. Modesto C. Castañeda – Zone Leader – Zone 2
Com. on Appropriation
Com. on Environmental Protection

Kgd. Darey B. Supeña – Zone Leader – Zone 3
Com. on Agriculture & Cooperatives

Kgd. Jose Ismafe M. Tajo – Zone Leader – Sitio Tuburan
Com. on Peace & Order

Kgd. Maria Genoveva F. Guevara – Zone Leader – Zone 4
Com. on Health, Sanitation & Social Services

Kgd. Alonzo M. Del Rio – Zone Leader – Sitio Baras
Com. on Infrastructure
Com. on Brgy. Affairs, Games & Amusement

SK Chairperson Charlotte H. Legarde
Com. on Youth & Sports Development

Kagawad Officer of the Day:
Kgd. Norberto A. Malaga – Monday
Kgd. Alonzo M. Del Rio – Tuesday
Kgd. Modesto C. Castañeda – Wednesday
Kgd. Darey B. Supeña – Thursday
Kgd. Jose Ismafe M. Tajo – Friday
Kgd. Maria Genoveva F. Guevara – Saturday
Kgd. Maria Vivien Lee S. Dela Cruz – Sunday

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