Batuan Ilaud


Barangay Batuan Ilaud derived its name from a tree called Batuan.

The barangay is located in the western part of Oton. It is surrounded by the following barangays: Batuan Ilaya in the north, Sambaludan in the south, Calam-isan in the east and Bantud, Tigbauan in the west.

Quick Facts


Land Area 270 Hectares
Distance from Town Proper 8 kilometers
Source of Income farming
Major crops rice, corn, watermelon
Patron Saint Saint Isidro Labrador
Fiesta Every 2nd Saturday of March
Infrastructures Barangay Hall, Health Center, SK Hall and SK Landmark
Population 990
Male 545
Female 445
Number of Households 172
Number of Families 180

Barangay Profile



Non-owner Households 8
Informal Dwellers none
HHs Living in Makeshift Houses none
HHs with no Access in Level III Water Supply none
HHs with no Access to Sanitary Toilet 10
HHs with no Access to Electricity 3
Number of Unemployed Persons 285
Number of Underemployed Persons 102
No. of Residents who Completed Tertiary Education 1
No. of Residents who Completed Technical Vocational Education 1
Literacy Rate 95%
Total No. of OFWs 32
No. of Young Dependents (0-14 yrs.old) 182
No. of Old Dependents (65 & above) 38
No. of Economically Productive Persons ( 15-64 yrs.old) 41
No. of Dependent Persons (15-64 yrs.old) 116
Total No. of In-migrants 0
Total No. of Out-migrants 9
Contraceptive Prevalence Rate 14
Total No. of Births 7
Total No. of Illegitimate Births 2
Total No. of Teen-age Births 0
Total No. of Death 4
Total No. Infant Deaths 0
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