OTON: A Quest for its Heritage

Popular Landmarks of Municipality of Oton. I drove along the highway, past our place at Molo. I was thinking of my bed but the thought of seeing Oton and looking for its past kept me going. Then we finally arrived; I drove around the plaza and parked somewhere near the parish church. With our cameras […]

Committee Hearing with the owners of the Heritage Houses

Oton is not Jaro when it comes to the beauty of majestic old Spanish houses gracefully speckled around its town. It is a sad reality that our old church was destroyed by an earthquake, the old Batiano Bridge replaced, and not much signs of old landmarks but then, we should be thankful of the current […]

The Old Oton Church

The building of the church was began by Rev. Fr. Demetrio Cobos in 1845-1853, continued and finished by Rev. Fr. Joaquin Fernandez in 1883-1889, and decorated by Rev. Fr. Nicolas Gallo in 1889-1890. Saved from the ravages of World War II, an intense earthquake on 5 January 1948 sent the whole structure plummeting to the […]