Bingkahan sa Mohon

Bingkahan sa Mohon is a business of Felicidad C. Animas. She started to make her now famous bibingkas in the 1950s. This business of hers has been able to support her family through the years. Currently, Felicidad’s son, Noel manages the business. As his strategy for promoting their native rice cake, he occasionally sells at […]


Lampirong (alternative spelling: Lamperong) also known as Windows Shell. One of the most distinct and beautiful architectural details of old Philippine buildings are the windows made with shell rather than glass. We’re not sure if this is because glass was not made in the Philippines or it was just too expensive, but whatever the reason, […]

Nang Palang’s Buko Pie

This is Oton’s well-known delicacy and favorite pasalubong. Since the business started in 1972, it has grown to become a favorite pasalubong destination for buses plying the Antique-Iloilo route.  Nang Palang’s has in fact become synonymous with Oton. While its bestseller is buko pie, Nang Palang’s also sells pineapple pie, cassava cake, bibingka and chicken […]