Committee Hearing with the owners of the Heritage Houses

Oton is not Jaro when it comes to the beauty of majestic old Spanish houses gracefully speckled around its town. It is a sad reality that our old church was destroyed by an earthquake, the old Batiano Bridge replaced, and not much signs of old landmarks but then, we should be thankful of the current development and progress we are going through. In addition, the Sangguniang Bayan has passed a Resolution Urging Owners of Heritage Houses to Preserve or Restore their Houses which are considered vital to the Local Heritage. To wit, we recognized the following:

1. Masculino House in San Nicolas
2. Galaraga (Damian-Cordova) House in San Antonio
3. Zulueta Ancestral House in San Antonio
4. Miguel Mediodia House at the back of the parish church
5. Ricardo Carreon Ancestral House in San Antonio
6. Valentin Carreon Ancestral House in C.M. Recto Street
7. Londres-Flores Ancestral House in C.M. Recto Street
8. Soliman Ancestral House in J.C. Zulueta Street
9. Tiapon Ancestral House in Cabanbanan

Please be guided accordingly. We should preserve what has been left of our history or regret to preserve nothing in the future 🙂

Photo: During the Committee Hearing with the current owners of the Heritage Houses

Hon. Juan Miguel Mendoza Flores
Chairman, Committee on Culture, History, Arts and Tourism


mirrored from Migs Flores

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