Memorandum Orders



WHEREAS, Section 3 (1) of the Philippine Constitution states that “ the State shall defend the right of the children to assistance, including proper care and nutrition, special protection fro all form of neglect, abuse, cruelty, exploitation, and other conditions prejudicial to their development”;
WHEREAS, the Local Governments are enjoined to organize Local Councils for the Protection of Children that will draw up and implement programs for child welfare and development;

WHEREAS, in order to update its membership and composition, there is a need to reorganize the Local Council for the protection of the Children;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, VICENTE B. FLORES, JR., Municipal Mayor, Municipality of Oton, Province of Iloilo, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law hereby order:
Section 1. Reorganization and Reconstitution of the Local Council for Welfare and protection of Children to be composed of the following members, to wit:


Mayor Vicente B. Flores, Jr.
Municipal Mayor


Hon. Virginia F. Olivares
Chair, Committee on Women and Family

Hon. Jafet Salinas
Chair, Committee on Social Services

Mrs. Ma. Ami R. Rodrigo

Ms. Josefina C. Domingo
Local Civil Registrar

Mrs. Nina Joy H. Tañada

Dr. Sally C. Ticao
Mun. Health Officer

Mr. Jose Merlito Montealto
Mun. Budget Officer

Mrs. Catalina T. Gicole
Mun. Treasure Officer

Mrs. Celsa Suarez
Mun. Agriculturist

Ms. Elisa N. Bustamante
District Supervisor

Hon. Eul Brian Villavicencio
SK Federation President

Mrs. Lorna Tubid
Member, Finance Committee

Mrs. Irene Otero
PESO Officer

Rev. Samuel G. Talha
Non Government Organization

Mrs. Grace Natalie Azarraga

P/Insp. Esperidion R. Biado III
Chief of Police, Oton

PO2 Sarah L. Palomo

Hon. Margarito Clavel
ABC President

Ms. Julienne Marie Selviderio
President, Student Council, Oton Central Elem. School

Ms. Jhona Jesebel Acuerdo
President, Student Council, Oton National High School

Mr. Ceasar Mediodia
PTA Pres., Oton Central School

Mrs. Yolanda Arellano
Fed.of Day Care Workers, Oton Chapter

Section 2. Functions of the Local Council for the Welfare and Protection of Children:
1. Formulate municipal Plan of Action for Children, incorporating programs and projects needing assistance by the Barangay and ensure its integration into the Municipal Development Plan;
2. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Municipal and Barangay Plans;
3. promptly address issues and concerns effecting children and youth;
4. Advocate for the passage of relevant child and youth protective ordinances;
5. Advocate for the increased support and resource allocation for children’s programs and projects;
6. Provide technical assistance to the community based frontline workers through conduct of capability and human development activities; and
7. Prepare contingency measures to protect children and their families in crisis situation brought by natural and man-made calamities.
Secretariat support shall be lodged with the Municipal Social welfare and Development Officer who shall be responsible for the documentation of proceedings of meetings and preparation of reports and other necessary documents as needed by the council.

This order shall take effect immediately.

Done this 15th day of December 2010 at the municipality of Oton, Iloilo, Philippines

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