Memorandum Orders

Executive Order No. 14

Series of 2010


WHEREAS, the Disaster Coordinating Council at the Regional, Provincial, Municipal/City and barangay levels shall established to complement the National Disaster Coordinating Council;

WHEREAS, each, Council shall have staff elements stationed in their respective operation centers, composed of the following; Intelligence and Disaster Analysis Unit; Plans and Operations Unit; and a Resource Unit;

WHEREAS, each Council shall provide Operating Units for: Communication and Warning & Public Information Services; Transportation and Evacuation Services; Police and Engineering Services; and Relief, Rehabilitation and Health Services;

NOW THEREFORE, I, VICENTE B. FLORES, JR. Municipal Mayor, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order:

Section 1. Reorganization and Composition of the Municipal Disaster Coordinating Council (MDCC) of Oton. Pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 1566, dated June of 1978 there is hereby reorganized a Municipal Coordinating Council with their duties and functions to be composed of the following:

Name of Disaster Coordinating Council : Oton Municipal Disaster Coordinating Council (Oton MDCC)

Location of Disaster Operation Center : Oton Municipal Hall

Chairperson : Hon. Vicente B. Flores, Jr., Mayor
Vice Chairman & Action Officer : PSI Esperidion R. Biado III, Chief of Police
Deputized Civil Defense Coordinator : Malvin R. Nad
Members : All organic municipal employees and officials including the ABC President , SKMF President, as well as employees of national agencies working at the municipal level

1. Intelligence and Disaster Analysis Unit

Chairman: PSI Esperidion R. Biado III
Co-Chairman: Hon. Margarito T. Clavel III
Members: Hon. Rodolfo Z. Alconga, Jr.
Hon. Felix L. Flores

Duties and Functions:

This unit evaluates disaster situations, determines courses of action to follow in times of emergency and formulate guidelines in evaluating disaster situations.
Evaluates information and advises the member agency of the national/provincial/city/municipal/ barangay disaster control centers of impending threat of disaster.
Makes recommendations on how to mitigate disasters and its possible effects;
Prepares appropriate recommendations to proper authorities for possible declaration of the existence of a State of Calamity in affected areas to serve as basis for the request of the release of calamity funds to ameliorate the insufficiencies of disaster operations;
Submits recommendation for allocation of needed resources.
A. Communication, Warning & Public Information Committee

Chairman : Mrs. Irene H. Otero
Co-Chairman : Mr. Felimon Gregorio M. Calvo
Members : Mrs. Menchie G. Paniergo

Coordinate, direct and control communications and warning operations;
Provide, operate and maintain as continuous and reliable communications and adequate warning and monitoring system throughout the period of pre and post disaster operation;
Provide plans for the proper dissemination of information to prevent public panic and chaos in the calamity affected area; and
Provide effective communication linkages and develop a progressive communication system enjoining the barangay level and various agencies involved.
2. Plans and Operations Unit

Chairman : Engr. Ernesto Ticao
Co-Chairman : Hon. Serafin N. Clavel II
Members : Mayor’s Office
Municipal Engineer’s Office
Oton PNP

Duties and Functions:
Determines courses of action to be taken based on recommendations of the Intel and Disaster Analysis Unit;
Determines the type of service committees to be utilized in the disaster area;
Recommends implementation of existing plans;
Maintains and/or supervise progress of operations and determines the necessity of utilizing additional service units;
Prepares appropriate reports upon termination of operations.
B. Transportation and Evacuation Committee

Chairman : Mr. Jose Rito P. Palmes
Co-Chairman : Hon. Juan Miguel Flores
Member : Municipal General Services Office

Provide transportation and evacuation plans for ready utilization during calamity situations;
Provide transportation facilities needed by the Council and different Committees prior to, during and after calamity situations;
Conduct and facilitate evacuation operations as the situations demands;
C. Rescue, Police and Engineering Committee

Chairman : S/Insp. Arnold Pulido
Co-Chairman : PO3 Gaudioso Yudelmo
Member : OSART Elements
Oton BFP
Oton PNP

Conduct and facilitate rescue, police & engineering operations as the situation demands;
Provide personnel that will secure the perimeter of the evacuation center and conduct debris clearing operations necessary for the safety of the victims and ease entry passage of other service committees and volunteer workers;
Assist in the determination of the extent of damage;
Assist in the distribution of relief and other operation of the relief and rehabilitation committee.
D. Relief, Rehabilitation and Health Committee

Chairman : Ms. Nina Joy S. Tañada
Co-Chairman : Dr. Sally C. Ticao
Members : MSWD Office
Mun. Health Office

Provide relief, Rehabilitation and health services to victims of calamity;
Facilitate operations on evacuation center in 24-hours basis;
Receive cash and other item donations for the victims of calamity;
Prepare rehabilitation plans for the said victims; and
Perform other related functions and duties.
3. Resource Management Unit

Chairman : Mr. Jose Rito P. Palmes
C-Chairman : Ms. Catalina Gicole
Members : Mr. Jose Merlito Montealto
Ms. Lorna Tubid

Duties and Functions:
Undertake a survey of urgent items needed in helping the victims of calamity as well as gathers the necessary statistics on resources such as: Food, clothing, construction materials, medical supplies, and other rehabilitation needs;
Takes charge of all fund related issues on the entirely of disaster operations.

This order shall take effect immediately.

Done this 28th day of July, 2010 at the Municipality of Oton, Iloilo, Philippines.


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