Memorandum Orders

Executive Order No. 03

Series of 2010.


WHEREAS, it is a declared policy of state to ensure that management and control over fisheries and aquatic resources shall be affected by the Government through the active and extensive participation of people;

WHEREAS, the subsistence fisherfolk have been seeking the enhancement of their empowerment through meaningful participation in the management, development and protection of fisheries and aquatic resources for sustainable productivity;

NOW THEREFORE, I, VICENTE B. FLORES, JR. Mayor, Municipality of Oton, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the law do hereby order:

Section 1. To institutionalize the major role of the local fisherfolks and other resources users thru community-based planning and implementation of policies and programs for the development and protection of the fisheries and aquatic resources of the municipal waters as defined by the Local Government Code, there is hereby re-organized BANTAY DAGAT in the Municipality of Oton, to be composed of the following:

Brgy. Alegre
Galdwin Ganancial

Rogelio Gavilangoso

Brgy. Pob. East
Luis Cordova

Ruperto Molina

Brgy. Pob. South
Franklin Minerva

Ruben Suarez

Ulyses Rodrigo

Enrico Contemplo

Jose Tesoro

Brgy. Trapiche
Ernesto Mirasol

Crispin Gela

Rene Octavio

Hernanie Guevara

Brgy. Botong
Domingo Caurao

Patricio Tamon

Jomar Domago

Brgy. Cabanbanan
Ramon Acosta

Dante Palma

Luis Tahum

Kenneth Bustillo

Section 2. Functions – The Bantay Dagat shall have among their primary functions the following
To cooperate and augment government law enforcement agencies in strict enforcement of related municipal ordinances and fishery laws.
Cooperate with the Fishery and Aquatic Resource Management Council (FARMC) in raising the level of community awareness with regard to coastal protection and fisheries management.
Be responsible on data gathering and monitoring of illegal fishing vessels entering the municipal waters.
Section 3. Deputation of Bantay Dagat members – the members of the Bantay Dagat shall undergo training and be deputized as fish wardens. The appropriate government units such as the Municipal Agriculture Office is hereby instructed to ready the process and necessary activities for deputation the Bantay Dagat members and officers.

Section 4. Technical Assistance – The Municipal Agriculture Office, General Services Office, Municipal Treasurer’s Office, FARMC’s, and Oton PNP are instructed to extend technical assistance to Bantay Dagat members.

This order shall take effect immediately.

Signed this 1st of March 2010 at the Municipality of Oton, Iloilo, Philippines.


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