Memorandum Orders

Series of 2011


WHEREAS, R.A. 10121, entitled “AN ACT STRENGTHENING THE PHILIPPINE DISASTER RISK REDUCTION AND MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK AND INSTITUTIONALIZING THE NATIONAL DISASTER RISK REDUCTION AND MANAGEMENT PLAN, APPROPRIATING FUNDS THEREFORE AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES,” mandates the creation of a council to implement and promote a comprehensive National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan (NDRRMP) that aims to strengthen the capacity of the national government and the local government units (LGUs);

WHEREAS, there is a need to strengthen the capacity of the local government units (LGUs) together with its partner stakeholders to build and create disaster resilient communities and institutionalize arrangements and measures for reducing disaster risks, including projected climate risk and enhancing disaster preparedness and response capabilities;

WHEREAS, there is a need to mainstream disaster risk reduction and climate change in development processes of the local government units;

NOW THEREFORE, I HON. VINCENTE B. FLORES, JR., Municipal Mayor of Oton, Iloilo, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law do hereby ordain:

SECTION 1. The Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (MDRRMC) is hereby created with the following:

A. Composition

Chairman – Hon. Vicente B. Flores, Jr.,

Deputized Coordinator – Malvin R. Nad

Members – Hon. Jose Neil P. Olivares
Vice Mayor

PS/Insp. Esperidion Biado III
Chief of Police, Oton PNP

Hon. Rodolfo Alconga, Jr.
SB Member

Hon. Margarito Clavel III
Liga President

Hon. Euel Brian Villavicencio
SKMF President

Grace Natalie Azarraga

SFO3Arnold Pulido
Municipal Fire Marshal

Ma. Ami Rodrigo

Jose Rito Palmes

Nina Joy Tañada

Jose Merlito Montealto

Felimon Gregorio Calvo
Mun. Administrator

Celsa Suarez

Ernesto Ticao
Mun. Engineer

Dr. Sally Ticao

Erlinda Caminian

Catalina Gicole
Mun. Treasurer

Lorna Tubid
Mun. Accountant

Pablo Guevara, Jr.

Edmund Mirasol
Principal, OCES

Nelida Baitan
Principal, ONHS

Elisa Bustamante
District Supervisor
Dep Ed, Elementary

Irene Otero
Information Officer

B. Functions of the Council

1. Establishes a physical facility to be known as the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Operation Center (MDRRMO).
2. Coordinates from the MDRRM the disaster operation activities;
3. Implements within the locality the guidelines set by the PDRRM;
4. Advises the Barangay Disaster Risk Education and Management (BDRRM) regarding disaster concerns and management; and
5. Submits recommendations to the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management as necessary.

C. Functions of the Chairman

1. Convene the council as often as necessary to effectively coordinate the local efforts on disaster preparedness, emergency operations, relief recovery and rehabilitation activities;
2. Call on all offices, instrumentalities and corporations of the government and the private sector for assistance in preparing for reacting to, and recovering from the effects of disaster and local emergencies;
3. Carry out emergency measures as maybe necessary before and during the occurrence of disaster or calamity;
4. Recommend to the local Sanggunian the declaration of the state of calamity in the area in accordance with the criteria provided under NDRRM Memorandum Order No. 04, Series of 1998;
5. Initiate the formulation of a Local Disaster Risk Reduction Calamity and Disaster Preparedness Plan for submission and approved by the Local Sanggunian; and
6. Insure that the DRRM Calamity and Disaster Preparedness Plan be included in the local government units Annual Investment Plan for appropriations of the projects and programs thereon;

D. Functions of the Vice Chairman and Action Officer

1. Consolidate the recommendations and proposals of the different staff units for consideration and implementation by the council; and
2. Shall perform during the disaster operations and emergencies the functions of the Chairman in case the latter is absent.

E. Functions of the executive Officer

1. Shall initiate and coordinate programs, projects, and activities of the Council on disaster management through an integrated multi-sectoral approach;
2. Coordinate the activities and functions of the various agencies and instrumentalities of the different sectors, BDRRM, and Civic Risk Reduction and Management to implement the policies set by the local disaster risk reduction and management relative to disaster management;
3. Shall receive the damage reports submitted by the BDRRM, the different Task Committees, the concerned local offices; and
4. Shall head the Secretariat of the Council.

Sub-Section – A. Staff Units

A. a Intelligence and Disaster Analysis Unit

a. Composition

Chairman – PS/Insp. Esperidion Biado III
Members – Hon. Margarito Clavel
Ms. Grace Natalie Azarraga
Ms. Nina Joy Tañada
b. Functions

1. Evaluates information and advice member agencies of the Council of impending disaster;
2. Makes recommendation on how to prevent disasters, if possible and/or suggest precautionary measures to minimize the effects of disaster; and
3. Submits reports and recommendations for allocations of needed resources.

1. B.a. Plans and Operations Unit
a. Composition
Chairman – Engr. Ernesto Ticao
Members – Hon. Rodolfo Alconga, Jr.
Mr. Pablo Guevara, Jr.
Ms. Ma. Ami Rodrigo
Ms. Elisa Bustamante
Ms. Nelida Baitan
Mr. Felimon Gregorio Calvo

b. Functions
1. Recommends courses of actions to be undertaken based on the recommendation of the Intelligence and Disaster Analysis unit;
2. Determine the types of service unit to be utilized in the disaster area;
3. Recommend the implementation of existing plans;
4. Maintains and/or supervises the progress of operations and determines the necessity of utilizing additional service units;
5. Submits appropriate reports and recommendation upon the termination of operations.

1. C. a. Resources Management Unit

a. Composition
Chairman – Mr. Jose Rito Palmes
Members – Ms. Catalina Gicole
Mr. Jose Merlito Montealto
Ms. Erlinda Caminian
Ms. Celsa Suarez

b. Functions

1. Identifies and secures possible sources of funds for the victims of disaster/calamity;
2. Gathers data on urgent items needed in helping the victims of disasters and calamities as well as the necessary statistics on resources such as food, clothing, construction materials, medical supplies, and even manpower.

Sub-Section 1-B. Task Committee
a. Composition

Chairman – Dr. Sally Ticao
Members – All RHU Personnel

b. Functions

1. Provides and prepares plan for the orderly and systematic conduct of health service operations in the disaster area;
2. Undertakes necessary measures to prevent health hazards which may be caused by the calamity or disaster;
3. Supervises the sanitation of the affected area during and after the emergency;
4. Protects and preserves human lives through proper information and mobilization of all medical services as well as administration of medical needs;
5. Determines sites or facilities for use as field hospitals.

1. B.b. Security and Fire Committee
a. Composition

Chairman – SFO3Arnold Pulido
Members – All Oton Fire Personnel
All Oton PNP Force

b. Functions

1. Provides security in the disaster areas;
2. Organizes Police Auxiliary services and Auxiliary Fire Services in the municipality and Barangays;
3. Provides fire prevention and control services;
4. Undertakes awareness campaign and public information on fire control
and prevention.

1. B.c. Communication, Warning and public Information Committee
a. Composition

Chairman – Ms. Irene Otero
Members – Hon. Euel Brian Villavicencio
Hon. Margarita Clavel
All Punong Barangays

b. Functions

1. Coordinates, directs and controls communication and warning operations;
2. Provides, operates and maintains a continuous and reliable communications and adequate warning systems throughout the period of implementing and/or existing disaster and calamities;
3. Provides accurate and timely information and instructions to the civilian population I the state of disaster;
4. Provides plan for the proper dissemination of information to prevent public panis in the disaster affected area;
5. Coordinates with the government and private media in advocating the public on disaster preparedness and operation;
6. Provides effective communication linkage/facilities among the various agencies involved.

1. B.d. Transportation, rescue and Evacuation Committee

a. Composition

Chairman – Hon. Rodolfo Alconga, Jr.
Members – Mr. Felimon Gregorio Calvo
S/p Insp. Esperidion Biado, III
SFO3 Arnold Pulido
Engr.Ernesto Ticao
Mr. Jose Rito Palmes
Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association of Oton, Inc.(JODAI)
Southern Jeepney Operators and Drivers Association Inc. (SOJODA)
Oton Search and Rescue Team (OSART)

b. Functions

1. Prepares transportation plans for the Council to consider;
2. Provides transportation facilities needed by the council prior to, during and after an emergency/disaster or calamity;
3. Initiates rescue and evacuation operations of lives and properties in the affected areas;
4. Determines in advance ideal sites for evacuation or all types of disaster.

1. B.e. Relief, Evacuation, and Rehabilitation Committee

a. Composition

Chairman – Ms. Nina Joy Tañada
Members – Mr. Felimon Gregorio Calvo
Ms. Celsa Suarez
Mr. Edmundo Mirasol
Ms. Nelida Baitan
All Day Care Workers
All Barangay Tanods

b. Functions

1. Provides relief and rehabilitation services to victims of disaster/calamity;
2. Receives cash and item donations for the victims of disaster/calamity;
3. Facilitates distribution of goods to the affected constituents;
4. Prepares rehabilitation plans for the victims of disaster/calamity.
Sub-Section 1.C Operations Center

1. C.a Composition

Over-all Chairman – Hon. Vicente B. Flores, Jr.
Members – Malvin Nad, MDRRC Coordinator
All Committee Chairmen

1. C.b. Functions

1. Prepares and consolidates the overall plans as to the task , duties and capabilities of the different units, committees and members of the council;
2. Makes a continuous updated estimate of personnel/manpower and resources capabilities of the different member agencies;
3. Insure the optimum operation efficiency during calamities;
4. Consolidate all reports and recommendations upon the termination of operations for submission to higher DRRM.

1. C.c The Operation Center shall be at the Office of the Mayor, Annex A, Municipal Hall Bldg., Oton, Iloilo.
Section 2. The Secretariat

The Municipal Civil Defense Deputized Coordinator as an Executive Officer of the Council shall head the secretariat. Selected personnel from the Offices of the MSWDO and MPDO shall serve as members of the Secretariat.

Section 3. Effectivity.
This order shall take effect immediately

Done in the municipality of Oton, Province of Iloilo this 15th day of February 2011.


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