Nes and Tats Resort and Restaurant

Nes & Tats Beach Resort & Restaurant

Do you plan to have a family outing? Or simply a place to relax, cool your head down and breath some fresh air? The perfect place is Nes n Tats in Barangay Botong, Oton, approximately 25 kilometers southwest of Iloilo City. It is a beach resort with all the amenities for all the fun’s needs. Aside form the beach, the place has also its swimming pools to enjoy at. The adult pool is 5 feet deep in all areas while there is a little kiddie pool as well which I estimated to be at most 3 feet deep.

Nes and Tats Manokan and Seafoods is bigger, thus providing more space for its operations and for the comfort of its diners…


For your reservations, call
Telephone No.: (033) 337-8353,  (033) 337-8353,  (033) 510-2308
Barangay Botong, Oton, Iloilo, Philippines

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