Abilay Norte

Abilay Norte Brgy. Hall

Abilay Norte Brgy. Hall

Quick Facts:

Land Area 339 Hectares
Distance from Town Proper 8.5 Kilometers
Population 4919
Number of Households 1014
Number of Voters 861


Total No. of Families 1,256
Non-owner Households 103
Informal Dwellers 0
HHs Living in Makeshift Houses 25
HHs with no Access in Level III Water Supply none
HHs with no Access in Sanitary Toilet none
HHs with Access in Electricity 10
Literacy Rate 90%
Total No. of OFWs 210
No. of Young Dependents (0-14 yrs old) 1,360
No. of Economically Productive Persons (15-64 yrs. old) 2,596
No. of Dependents Persons (15-64)
Total No. of In-migrants 9
Total No. of Out-migrants 13
Total no. of Births 19
Total no. of Death 17
Total no. of Old Dependents (65 above) 195

Elected Barangay Officials

Barangay Basketball Court

Punong Barangay

Sangguniang Barangay Members

Leocada MontaƱo

Michael Pachero
Noel Luna
Elpidio Gadian
Rogelio Cabunducan
Editha Suello
Grace Luna

SK Chairperson
Elmar Klint Luna

Barangay Secretary
Imelda Tubise

Barangay Treasurer
Marlyn Setias


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