The Vice Mayor



Vice Mayor Jose Neil P. Olivares

The nominee is an incumbent Vice Mayor of Oton, Iloilo Region VI on his second term of office. He was  a member of the Sangguniang Bayan of Oton  for four (4) terms of office totaling to twelve  (12) years.

He holds the record of having the most number of passed and approved legislative measures since 1992. He is a local Legislation practitioner for sixteen (16) years now.

Vice Mayor Jose Neil P. Olivares has been leading the same sanggunian in grabbing the region’s Excellence in Local Legislation Award for three (3) consecutive years (2008-2010) in the first to third class municipalities category of the annual Excellence in Governance Award by the DILG Regional Office VI.

Among his Legislative Innovations are:

· Completion of the Codification Project;
· Establishment of a Legislative Link (L-Link) System;
· Installation of an Audience Gallery and Make-over of the Session Hall and Offices;
· Improvement of Records Management;
· “Bando sang Konseho” – a weekly radio program, and
· Coaching a Sister Sanggunian –the Sangguniang Bayan of Guimbal, Iloilo

Through these Legislative Innovations he introduced and  implemented, the Sangguniang Bayan of Oton was awarded by the DILG and the Philippine Councilors League as National Awardee in the National Local Legislative Award (NLLA), 1st to 3rd class  municipalities category, for the term of office 2007-2010.

This unprecented national award has elevated the sense of pride of the Municipality of Oton, of the Province of Iloilo and of the entire Region VI.

Recognizing such legislative feat, the Vice Mayors’ League of the Philippines (VMLP) awarded him a Plaque “in recognition of his dynamic leadership and sterling stewardship in leading his sanggunian towards great achievement by being adjudged as regional and national winner in the 2009 NLLA”.

The nominee was selected by the DILG R.O. VI as Speaker on Local Legislation during the Regional Dev Talk held on October 7, 2010 at Iloilo City. He is the only Vice Mayor in the region who finished an Advance Course on Local Legislation and Coaches Training conducted by the DILG R. O. VI.

The benefits of his legislative innovations are worth enumerating.

In the Codification Project, the codification of the Codes on General Ordinances and the Environment had enabled the local chief executive and local offices to streamline and effectively implement ordinances.

The L-Link System has been complimenting the sanggunian’s Citizens Charter of having fast and easy retrieval of documents. The system has made encoding, classifying and tracking of documents easy and reliable.

The Installation of an Audience Gallery and Make-over of the Session Hall and offices has offered a physical empowerment for both officials and constituents. The Gallery is a welcome facility for public to witness the session. SB Members are doing their functions in an ideal parliamentary set-up.

The Improvement of Records Management has resulted to the establishment of a separate Records Room where the safety and sanctity of hard copies of documents are given much focus. Retrieval of legislative documents becomes easy and time saving using the system on indexing and tabbing. Also, Fire Evacuation Plan for records is in place.

The “Bando sang Konseho” weekly radio program has made the people aware of the existing ordinances and those pending in the sanggunian. This radio program has enhanced transparency and accountability in governance.

Vice Mayor Olivares has non-legislative pet projects. These are:

· The Oton-Korea Information Technology Training Center (OKITTC) – a Center for Free Basic Computer Literacy Training.
· “Balay Ogtong”- an Archives of the Nominee Open for Public Research
· Mobile Ogtong History and Culture Exhibit to Schools

Since 2008, the Oton –Korea Information Technology Training Center (OKITTC) has already produced 246 computer-capable graduates. The nominee had initiated this basic computer training project by having partnership with KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency). KOICA donated 19 units of flat computer and a projector.

The center offers free training on Microsoft word, ADOBE Photoshop and PowerPoint presentation. The training lasts for 3 months. This on-going project has benefited the constituents from all walks of life: out-of-school youth, barangay officials, drivers and housewives from all ages. Special science classes of Oton Central Elementary School also use the facilities of OKITTC. Thus, this computer training project has given much benefit to the school and the community.

The nominee had transformed his residential house into an Archives known as “Balay Ogtong”. Since 2006, hundreds of students from different colleges and universities in the City and Province of Iloilo have visited Balay Ogtong. This Archives initiative is an answer to the lack of a Municipal Museum or Archives in the locality. Researchers can study about the local history and culture free of any charge or fee. In fact, UP professors in history, PHILVOCS Volcanologists, Librarians from the National Library and Archivists from the National Archives of the Philippines have visited Balay Ogtong.

The Mobile Ogtong History and Culture Exhibit to Schools was conceptualized by the nominee in 2007 so as to bring the history and culture of Oton in school campuses. It is also an integral approach to the inclusion of local history in school curricula as mandated by an ordinance authored by the nominee.

Proceeds of the one-week exhibit are donated to host schools for their projects. This mobile exhibit contributes to the cultural awareness development of students, thereby promoting the love of one’s place.

Recognizing these legislative and non-legislative initiatives and innovations, ABS-CBN (Iloilo), SM City Iloilo and JCI Regatta conferred the Emilio Aguinaldo Award for Government  Service to Vice Mayor Jose Neil P. Olivares during the Pinoy Icon 2010 Awarding Ceremonies.

These accomplishments and the will to excel of the nominee inspire him further to make history in local governance.



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